Marky Evan

Art & Live2D Models and Rigging Commissions

Art Pieces

Character Arts, Backgrounds, Emotes and Commercial Use Art

Live2D Model Art

Designing and/or full Model art for LIVE2D Models. Half Body and Full Body Available

Live2D Model Rigging

Rigging of LIVE2D Models. Premade sliced models and/or Marky's own Model Art

Art Pieces

Half Body | 80USD

Half Body with Background | 100 - 160USD

Full Body | 120 USD
w/ Background | 180 - 200 USD
For Additional Characters, please enquire

LIVE2D Model Art

Concept Design & Sketch | 120 USD
Half Body Model | 400 USD
Full Body Model | 500 USD

LIVE2d Model Rigging

Rigging with Marky's Model | 400 USD
Rigging 3rd Party Model | 600 USD